How to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

Even when you and your dog are stuck indoors, there are many options to keep dogs and partners active. Dogs still need exercise, no matter if they can be helped indoors, which means owners will have to be creative and save themselves. It Will stop you from going crazy.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a simple indoor game that does not require any special equipment. Follow your dog’s “sit” and “stay” commands, hide, then call your dog. This is a perfect indoor option if you have children that you also need to eliminate.  

Scent Work 

You don’t even have to smell it. AKC Fragrance is something that any dog can do. The ultimate goal is to enable your dog to sniff out some essential oils. However, many trainers or classes will start with treatment before development. The scent work is also another way that you can simply do indoors with your dog. 


Begin by giving your dog two boxes, one with a gift and one without. Depending on how resourceful your dog is, you can leave the box open at the top. Make it more challenging by blowing the box slowly, so your dog will have to figure out how to do it.  


Finally, progress to more boxes and more challenging routes to find the box. This is a great indoor activity because the dog rewards the dog when he finds the box with the invitation. 


Old T-shirt Toy

Old T-shirts can be built into a type of toy for dogs. Cut the shirt into strips and tie it, or you are like. If your dog is not interested in chewing a toy, do something, or buy your snuff mat if you don’t feel like a DIY. 

A Kong Toy

You already have a Kong or similar toy sitting around the house. Make it more interesting by filling it with peanut butter and some biscuits. Or, freeze peanut butter before giving it to your dog.  


Prepare another idea is to put your dog’s food in the Kong and seal it with peanut butter to make them a little harder to use for breakfast or dinner (and use some mental strength!).  

Indoor Swimming

If your dog loves swimming, the fun doesn’t end with just the heat. There are plenty of places to pop out that offer swimming time for dogs. Some dog daycares also have indoor pools. This will allow your dog to socialize and go to his favorite exercise at the same time.  


If your water-borne dog also shows a commitment to recovery, consider dock diving, an exciting dog sport with indoor facilities available across the country.  

Obedience Skills

If your dog has basic obedience commands, enroll them in an intermediate or advanced class to teach them something new. Dogs of any age can benefit from focusing on grouping and working with their owners. 


If your dog has entire orders, the Canine Good Citizen 2 (CGC) program is the next step. This ten-skills program is open to all dogs. CGC is a great way to strengthen your dog’s relationship while teaching them how to behave in public. 

Jump into Agility 

Agility is a fun way for you to do some exercise, as both the dog and the handler go through a series of obstacle courses. Obstacles usually include things like tunnels, jumps, an A-frame, woven poles, and a saw. 


Agility is open to all dogs, whether purebred or mixed-breed, and classes are divided by leap height. This means that any dog from the youngest Chihuahua to the most prominent dean can take part and become a champion. 

Hunting Skills

Barn Hunt is another unique AKC dog game that tests a dog’s ability to find insects in a maze of straw or hay bales. Barn Hunt is an artificial prey that means measuring a dog’s nose, walking, and working with its owner. 





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Make A Doggie Play Date
Turn on off Light 1

Make A Doggie Play Date

Do you have any good dog friends? Invite them to play for a while. It is very satisfying to see dogs playing with each other, and it is guaranteed that you will have a tired dog at the end of the day. You will have the opportunity to do some work while the dogs create their wrestling frenzy in your room.  

Turn on/off Light

This can be pretty useful when it is getting late, and you find yourself needing some more light, and you are feeling a little lazy. Have your dog do it for you instead of getting up and turning on the light. The touch stick or good “touch” command is easy to get started with. If you have a small dog, you may have access to your dog’s light switch. If the occasional scratch mark on your wall bothers you, don’t try this trick.

Relax on The Couch 

There is nothing better than a good training session or a little relaxation after a game. We all need time to open, and many of our dogs love to lounge with us. Every night before going to bed, I sit on the sofa with a bit of skill. It didn’t start as planned, but now that she’s around 10:30, she sits on the couch and looks at me – waiting for our night snag before bed.  


Teach Your Dog to Grab A Leash

Before I go for a walk, I go to my dog and grab his strap; then, he has to bring me my shoes and his hardness. It’s not asking too much, but if I’m willing, it’s enough to keep it focused and busy. Before I can teach her to grab the things, she’s spinning, spinning, and jumping while I’m all set. Teaching your dog to bring his strap or pin is a great way to get some extra mental stimulation as a bonus.


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