Toys To Keep Dogs Busy When Alone

Tricks And Toys To Keep Dogs Busy When Home Alone

Remember the look that your dog gives you in the morning. It lets you get out of bed, when you’re eating breakfast, and when you open the door to get out of the house. This look can be described as a combination of ‘sad dog’ and ‘I’m probably going to tear up your brand new cushion today. 


When your dog gives you that cute look- they say, ‘Hey! You will leave me alone in eight hours. What do I mean when you go? It’s hard to leave them alone when you go to work or shopping. Unfortunately, you can’t always be with them. 


You’re not alone either – according to pets in the city, about 28% of pets owners leave their pets at home between 10 and 19 hours each week. It is very common to see families working or studying full time. 


The good news is, that we will tell you about the some toys to keep dogs busy when home alone. 


Set The Little Extra Time For Your Dogs In Morning 

We know it’s difficult. Even talking about waking up half an hour early in the morning makes us cry a little inside. But if you think of those beautiful big eyes begging you for a brisk walk in the morning, you will be tempted to jump out of bed and catch these detectives.  


Press yourself to grab the lead and go for a brisk walk. By doing this, your dog will get used to it nicely and quickly, so there is a good chance that he will snore in the morning. This means less time to resonate and act faster and more time to grasp these people. 


If you can’t get yourself out of bed first, add one-on-one time with your dog as usual in the morning. Your dog needs a little spark to ignite playtime because eventually, those essential toys can quickly get tired. It’s great to have a cute plush toy or tug rope, but it’s not fun when you don’t have anyone to play with. Playtime in the morning before you leave, so when you go, you’ll be happy to see a few crabs. 


We recommend using toys to keep dogs busy when home alone because they stimulate their brains. Interactive dog toys are different from your standard complex toy. These toys are for many purposes.  


They are chewing dispensers, bonsai balls, and toys together. Interactive toys are ideal when your dog is left alone at home from time to time. Although we recommend that you monitor your dog during playtime, these toys are incredibly durable, so it would be an excellent hammer to tear them. 


It may be a good idea to test the toys before hollowing them out. Interactive toys are ideal when you want to give your dog more exciting playtime or when you can’t focus 100% of your attention on them (like if you’re on the phone or trying to cook). So while they are not just toys for indoor dogs, they certainly provide an engaging, interactive playtime for all dogs. 

Kong Toy

Kong is a popular choice for classic dogs. An important favorite, this toy is not only durable but also interactive. Put some pieces of your dog in the toy or spread peanut butter on the inside. This means that he will be rewarded for his tasty treatment when your dog plays. 


This a great idea for dogs that need food-based incentives to play. If you haven’t had an interactive toy before, Kong Classic is an excellent toy to determine if your dog is interested in puzzles and interactive toys. 




Tell us all about your dog so that we can select the best products adapted to its profile.

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Orbee Tuff Mazee Ball Puzzle Ball

Orbee Tuff Mazee Ball

This ball will stimulate your dog’s senses. With the inner maze, the toy moves as if it were moving a little or the cabbage is moving inside. With each nod, pork and prod, the food keep shaking, messing, and rolling! More stimulants than regular tennis balls and puffballs will keep them occupied. Easy to clean with hot water and even be put in the dishwasher. 

Puzzle Ball

Enter to entertain your dog’s curiosity; a necessary but active toy is just one thing. Puzzle balls are great for encouraging smart dogs to play. Made of durable rubber, the toy is slightly squash, so it has an adequate bounce level. It’s easy to put a toy or a cab inside a toy. 


There is a small hole in the toy side that you can treat. Invitations will not come out quickly; there is a slight flop inside the hole to ensure that when the ball is thrown well by your dog, and throw it. Easy to wash after play, this is an outdoor toy. 

Snoop Ball

Snoop Ball is a curved, concave toy that adjusts the ball’s behavior and small size. Due to its shape, this toy is very bouncy. This encourages your dog to stop behaving inside the ball. Planet Dog toys are made from all durable and non-toxic materials in the United States. They are easy to clean after playtime and ideal for indoor and outdoor sports. 

Food Maze Toy

A great toy, this product works to keep your dog active. Unlike the other toys on this list, it is not a ball or chewing toy. This is an interactive food maze that resembles a dog puzzle. Like a go bowl, this toy allows you to maneuver or lubricate your dog’s labyrinth if you need to learn to eat slowly. 


Your dog will enjoy spending time killing, biting, and licking. The advantage of using a fixed toy in this way is that the food will not be scattered around the house or garden. So if you are looking for a clean alternative to other treat dispensing toys, this may be the best solution for you. 

Kong wobbler

Kong Genius

Only for dog cunning, Kong Genius takes a dog’s real McGuire to deal with this ball. Each of these genius toys can be treated, although it is not so easy for your dog to access. Thanks to the X-shaped hole design, it will be treated individually instead of all at once. 


Your dog will be able to smell the food, but it will take work to get it out! Popular strategies for releasing invitations include tossing, licking, and toy shaking. Only the dog will be rewarded with this toy! The Kong Genius comes in blue and orange and is suitable for dogs and adult dogs. 

Kong Wobbler

A unique toy, Kong Wobbler is a furry one that will make your dog curious. If you’ve ever had a catwalk with a Flynn wobbler, you’ll already know how much fun this toy can be. Due to the wobbler’s curved shape, with each movement, the toy begins to shake, releasing behavior from within.  


Encourage your dog to play even more. Like Kang’s other toys, the wobbler can behave, but it takes more than just a simple chew and stir to get them out! 


Aussie Dog Home Alone

Has your dog been away from home for a long time? This may just be a toy for you. The Aussie dog home alone toy can be tied to a tree or pillar and left to play with your dog during the day. Fill the ball with dry food so that when moved, the toy makes a shaking sound.  


The more the toy is played, the more the behavior becomes customary. The toy also prepares a lot of war situations so your dog can still have a lot of fun on his own. 

You Can Also Build Your Own Puzzle Toy to Keep Your Dog Busy:

Keeping dogs busy usually involves some hide-and-seek factor, and many household items can be turned into camouflage toys. Think of an empty milk space, a mat with lots of felt pieces, or a muffin tin to treat and cover with tennis balls to interrupt breakfast easily.  

Tired dog

A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog 

Exercise your dog before leaving the day with a brisk walk or recovery game. This gives your dog a long, long snooze. 

Exercise your dog too. Frequent training sessions can help calm the canine brain and strengthen your relationship.


All of these toys have many benefits for your dog. By giving them an interactive toys to keep dogs busy when home alone, you know they will spend the rest of their lives at home. This is important, mostly if you play with these toys and leave drinking water for them.  


After all, when you return home with their big eyes and playfulness, make sure you give them lots of compliments and save a little time for a walk in the park if you can. Remember, your whole day may have been busy, but their entire day is just waiting for you. 


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