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Monthly Dog Subscription Box For Large Dogs 

For your dog, looking for unique new dog toys, tasty and healthy dog treats, finished goods, chewing toys, bully sticks, and much more? If so, the monthly dog subscription box is the best option. 


Your dog is sure to fall in love with the team’s monthly subscription boxes for large dogs month after month. 


Your dog will love a themed collection of 4-6 toys and healthy treats from Texam when you sign up. From there, you can find great dog items based on the size of your dog every month.  


A plus point is that the team gives you the flexibility to choose your dog’s breed, weight, size, age, and more when synchronizing your monthly box. 

Here are some best toys for large dogs that are included in our monthly dog subscription box for large dogs. 


Favorite Toys For Large Dogs 

Does your big dog have a lot of energy with its impressive size? Fortunately, there are many great dog toys for seriousness and fun, from feudal other heavy-duty chewing toys to expensive plush friends. We know your big dogs have big hearts too, and you want to give them the best, so look below for the best toys for big dogs. 



Kong Extreme For Large Dogs 

We love to play, but Kong toys are a gold standard for pet products. Made from Kang’s most durable rubber for electric fit, you can fill this tough dog toy with tough bull or peanut butter to invite and challenge your dog at the same time.  


Due to its unique shape and active substance, this classic shaped toy can work for challenging retrieval games with your dog as it bounces by mistake. This version is made especially for extra large dogs. It comes in five other sizes. 

Jack Dog Toy

This durable treat-holding chew toy is a must in any subscription box of big dog toys. Its levels aim to stand up to even the most determined champs. Treat rings are loaded on different ends (and you can buy refills), and when it’s a little loose, the whole thing can be thrown into the top rack of the dishwasher. 


Soda pup’s Bounce Dog Toys 

This chewy bouncy toy is against the toughest mouth and is designed for dogs up to 90 pounds. Made of solid natural rubber, this ball is non-toxic, biodegradable, and durable; cutting is all the things you can feel good about when you buy. 


Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball 

Not surprisingly, Star Mark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball is a favorite among dog owners because it is full of features. Not only does it behave, but it also doubles like a bouncing ball that can swim on water. This makes it perfect when you bring your dog into the swimming pool. 


Like a tennis ball, the Starmark toy is made of durable silicone, making it virtually inseparable. It can tolerate all chewing, rolling, kicking, biting while distributing the behavior along the way. 


There is a small hole around the ball that you use to treat it. This dishwasher is also safe and comes in 2 different sizes. 

IQ Treat Ball 

What could be more appealing to your dog than a dispenser that provides entertainment? That’s what IQ Treat Ball does. This ensures that your patch is as dynamic as it plays. 


It is made of non-toxic hard plastic and can be easily opened for filling treats and rotation. Plastic is designed to withstand even aggressive chewing. 

This treating dog toy will be a challenge for your dear friend as the basket rolls the ball to fall into another box before it reaches him. It helps the dog to develop active feeding and exercise at the same time. With an adjusted difficulty level, it helps develop your dog’s problem-solving skills.   


Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball 

A difficult dog from Omega Pa will enjoy finding treatment in this difficult treat ball. Balls have many holes of different sizes that can be filled with invitations. Lips on the holes will prevent the behavior from falling.  


The dog gets a good workout when he spins the ball and throws it around in an attempt to behave. 

With a vinyl textured surface, this dog toy dispenser is lightweight and easy to roll and play with any puppy. 


Compared to other treats that distribute dog toys on this list, Omega Powder is harder to clean. Therefore, it is recommended to use larger treats instead. 





Tell us all about your dog so that we can select the best products adapted to its profile.

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