Dog Subscription Box in North Carolina

Dogs do not always have a special place in the hearts of their human companions. His role among humans was mostly useful until the 18th century when the term “man’s best friend” came into the dictionary.  


Today, their working roles have diminished, but their importance at home has only increased. From pets to playmates, to service dogs, add a certain amount of quality to the human world with which they share their lives. Dogs provide companionship and company.  


This can be a relief for those who want to interact with other living things unconditionally.  

According to Vanderbilt University, dogs can reduce the level of human loneliness and give humans a sense of purpose as they take care of their animal companions. 


This can be especially beneficial for people who live alone, do not socialize as much, are empty, or have recently experienced a significant change in life, such as death or divorce.  

Many families use family dogs to teach their children responsibility in North Carolina.

The Texam Dog Subscription Box

If you want a cheap dog subscription box in North Carolina, consider The Texam. One of the most popular membership boxes out there, The Texam, is about all topics. You and your dog will be happy with each month’s delivery. These boxes come with toys, treats, and designed to fit the theme. You will answer some questions about your puppy (weight, age, and allergies) when you sign up.

 Three subscriptions are available: 


  • The monthly subscription price is $24.99. 

  • The three-month subscription price is $69.99 (you can save five dollars). 

  • The six-month subscription price is $139.99 (you can save ten dollars). 


Dog Subscription Boxes in North Carolina

If your puppy likes to chew, you may want to choose a super chew box full of potentially destructive toys.

If you are unhappy for any reason, The Texamoffers a 100% money refund guarantee, which puts pressure on your dog to treat.  

In recent years, these boxes have become very popular in North Carolina. And not surprisingly, people started making one specifically for dogs. In general, they offer a mix of treats, toys, accessories, or vouchers. The most famous dog subscription service in North Carolina is The Texam.  

What you expect from the Texam

When you order the Texam dog subscription box in North Carolina, you will receive 4-6 customized items for your dog each month. Each box contains at least: 

  • 1. All-Natural Healthy Bags of Treats 

  • 2. Innovative & Super Fun Dog Toys 

  • 3. A dog chew 


Out of this formula, every Texam box is a mystery – and it’s half the fun! 

The Texam have fun themes every month that often coincide with the season – during the holidays, hoping for holiday-themed toys and treats that your puppy can play with.  

bulldog playing with toy white background 1

The Benefits of  Dog Subscription Box 

Most dog shopping boxes are based on themes, but any subscription box’s overall type or nature depends on the box brand.  

Some boxes are entirely dedicated to dog toys or dog treats, while others complement some breed type or dog size. But the most common type of dog subscription box is Variety, where you get an array of products in each monthly dog box (such as toys, treats, and other accessories).  

When it comes to deciding if a dog subscription box is worth it, the best way to think about a monthly subscription like this is to see how beneficial it can be for your dog. It’s no secret that dogs are intelligent creatures that need physical exercise and mental stimulation.  


And beyond taking us to the dog park or throwing the ball around the yard, we like to find new places, new toys, and unique treats. It’s a way to keep our minds active and give us a variety of natural skills. And that for our health! Mental stimulation can be as positive as physical exercise! 

Furthermore, dog shopping boxes are a great way to discover new products, and treats that your dog likes. Finding products that work with and with your dog can be difficult, and a subscription box can bring a variety of things (and needs) into your dog’s daily routine. 


It can be very easy for these items to arrive at your doorstep every month magically as a dog owner. Many dog box brands (such as Texam) take the time to do in-depth research into the items in the box, saving you time (and money) to buy endless products that your dog likes. 

But no two dog shopping boxes are created equal, so it’s important to know what to look for in a dog box. 




Tell us all about your dog so that we can select the best products adapted to its profile.

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6 months, 3 months or 1 month, you choose! You can suspend your subscription at any time: it's without obligation!

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You will receive your box between the 15th and 25th of each month. Let's go for hours of games, good humour and good food!

Is The Texam Box Worth The Money?

The Texam is a pretty good price in terms of money because the combined cost of the treats and toys you get is much higher than the pay for your monthly subscription.  

Are  Dog Box Subscription Boxes Worth it?

It depends on your dog and the situation. If your dog gets bored with toys and treats them too quickly or wears them out, this can be a great way to mix things up. Also, you usually get the product at a discounted rate.

What Kinds of toys dog-like in North Carolina?

Many types of dog toys available can be challenging to choose from. Where do you start? What will be both entertaining and informative for your dog? All pet owners face these questions when they first consider buying a toy, and it can be challenging to find answers.  


Types of  Toys 


They have become a favorite with dogs. If your dog is young and walking with teeth or has a slightly stiff outer tennis ball, you can choose a soft plush ball. 


Rope toys 

There is a rope in these toys that your dog can cut. You can grab the other end of the toy and start a fight. Dogs love toys that fit their natural style of play. 


Stuffed toys 

These toys are light, which means they are secure and guard your dog’s mouth. It can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Dogs can grow a lot with these toys! 


Chew toys  

Even after your dog has chewed his teeth, it is natural for him to chew. Chewing toys for dogs ensures that they will chew something safe, not your sofa or bed. 

These toys come in various shapes: sticks, ropes, bone-like animal shapes, rings, and more. Some dogs are potent chewers, while some dogs are not. These toys are designed to match your dog’s chewing power. There are different levels of stability. 


Treat-dispensing toys 

These are toys that treat your dog. He can fill and fill your dog’s favorite treat. Then your dog needs to know how to use the detector. This ensures many hours of fun for him when he turns and twists and chews toys to get on the cable. 


Puzzle toys 

These are the toys that challenge and stimulate your dog’s brainpower. They teach your dog harmony, as well as help develop his or her instincts.

The Texam Dog Toys Delivery in North Carolina

If you want a cheap dog subscription box in North Carolina, consider The Texam. One of the most popular membership boxes out there, The Texam, is about all topics. You and your dog will be happy with each month’s delivery.  

There are plenty of monthly shopping carts for dogs on the market, but Bark Box is one of the most popular and highly recommended dog boxes.  

The Texam only offers treats and toys from reputable vendors who use the highest quality ingredients. 

When it comes to The Texam toys, know that the Brix box team’s dog tests goodies, so the dog toys and treats provided by your bar box are a test for your four-legged sail—guaranteed to make you happy. 


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