A Subscription Box For Dog Moms

A Subscription Box For Dog Moms

Attention, pet lovers! We know you’ve hurt your pets a lot, so maybe it’s time to separate yourself. 


The Texam pet Themed Subscription Boxes usually provide lifestyle items that you can wear or display. In other cases, these subscriptions offer items for both you and your pet, so you can both share in the excitement and fun of unboxing. Whether you’re a dog person, then the Texam subscription box for dog mom is best for you like other pet lovers! 


The Texam Subscription Box For Dog Moms 

 Are you the kind of pet parent who is obsessed with every little thing? There are 5-8 items in the Texam subscription box for dog mom that you and your four-legged companion will love! Tell them the size of your shirt, the size of the dogs, and the breed of dog so they can choose the right things for both of you. 


You also have the option of choosing a large box to meet with your big dog family! They’ll make the proper adjustment for you. The good news is that they donate a portion of the profits to help the dog’s parents get emergency medical care. 

What’s Inside: 

1. Get 5-8 full-size and premium items for you and your pup each month! In each box, the dog’s mother carries her lifestyle and beauty items, as well as size-specific dog toys and treats for her dog. 

2. Each month you will find exclusive Texam dog mom-themed items as well as beauty and skincare products. All our products will be premium and full size. Your dog’s mom’s accessories will include mugs, messes, oven pieces, jewelry, and more! 

3. Toys for your dog: Your dog will receive numerous toys each month! Each box includes a plush toy and a hard chew or treats dispenser each month, making sure your pull-up gets playtime fun time! All toy sizes are specific! 

4. Treatment for your dog: Your dog will receive a variety of treats each month! Past treats include biscuits, jerky, chips, and dried meat. 

Special fishing coupons on items in each box! Each month you will receive a postcard which is exclusive to our customers only! You will be able to place orders for your toys and behaviors that your dog likes and the beauty/lifestyle items you receive!