Toughest Chew Toys For Pit bulls

What Are The Toughest Chew Toys For Pit-bulls?

Although I prefer black and tan and a variety of German dogs, I’m a big fan of pit bulls. 


Aside from having a soft spot for most ugly and misunderstood animals, I find them just amazingly fun, cute, and inspiring. 


But they are not perfect – many pit bulls (as well as American Staffordshire Terriers and a combination of the two) are absolutely killer. They will quickly destroy most mainstream dog toys, and if you leave them alone for half an hour, they can break into your car/sofa/bomb shelter. 


So, if you’ve got a pit with a steel trap set of chops, you’ll need to give it a toy according to its impressive jaws and stiffness.  

The Toughest Chew Toys For Pit-bulls

Although no toy should ever be considered truly admirable (I’ve seen dogs chew on fences before China), the following five are the most difficult and durable in the market. 

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

Kong is one of the most popular manufacturers of durable dog toys, and their ultra-doll bone is one of their durable products. Made of Kong’s legendary ultra-black rubber, these chubby fun hours are made to stand on your pit bull’s teeth. 


  • 1. The shape of the famous bone is mostly flared up by dogs (and makes a very beautiful picture!) 

  • 2. Each end features a space in which you can paste treats or flavors 

  • 3. Available in both medium and large sizes 

  • 4. Made in the United States 

Most owners who tried the Kong extreme Goodie Bone said their dog loved it and held it for a surprisingly long time (several users left the 5-year mark behind).  


Others praised the shape, which the dogs liked, or the baskets on each end, in which you could make something delicious. It is also reasonably priced for its quality. 


The only complaint, which was relatively rare, was that Goodie Bone could not cope with the jaws of the toughest chewers. Some dogs could tear it apart in less than an hour. However, most owners were very lucky – just make sure you look at your dog for the first time to see how he has maintained it. 

Gougnuts Maxx 50 Sticks

Goughnuts manufactures many durable chewing toys, and the Mexico 50 Stick is the hardest in their product line. 


Like other goofy toy chewing gum, the Maxx 50 Stick has a unique two-color warning system that helps owners know when a toy should retire. As long as you only look green or black, your dog can continue to use it. But once it looks red, the toy should no longer be considered safe. 



  1. 1. Since the Max 50 Stick floats, it’s a great toy to go to the pool, lake, or beach. 

  2. 2. Made with 50% more carbon than GoFant’s standard chewing toys to increase durability 

  3. 3. Including 9 inches tall and 2 inches dense, the Maxx 50 Stick is created for large dogs 

  4. 4. Made in the United States 

 The Goughnuts Max 50 stick received rave reviews, and many of the owners who bought it were delighted with their choice. The Maxx Stick review features phrases such as “miracle,” “pit bull approved,” and “green for electric drivers.” This is probably the toughest chew toy for Pit-bull on the market. 


The most common complaint about the Goughnuts Maxx 50 stick was that the dogs didn’t like the taste, and some owners disliked the smell of rubber. It is more expensive than ordinary chewing gum, but given its durability, this is not surprising. 




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Orbee Tuff Mazee Ball Puzzle Ball

Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

Although tennis balls are a cute toy for many dogs, most power chewers are not well maintained. That includes your lovely patty. 


Fortunately, the Kong Rubber Ball Extreme works like a tennis ball, giving your dog the satisfaction of having a similar jaw and maintaining its strength. 




  • 1. Slightly larger than a 3-inch diameter tennis ball 

  • 2. Designed to be puncture-resistant for many hours of biting, chasing, and catching 

  • 3. Hair bounces a lot for recovery hours 

  • 4. Made in the United States 


Most owners are angry about Kong Rubber Extreme. It holds most dogs’ jaws and teeth (including several pit bulls and American Staffordshire Terriers) and seems unhappy with most four-footers. If your dog loves tennis balls but is chewing them in seconds, the Kong Rubber Ball Extreme is a great alternative.  


One of the most common complaints about Kong Ball extreme was a hole in the center. This gives some, especially permanent dogs, a good grip, allowing them to tear the toy. However, only a handful of relatives mentioned it. Some owners also found the ball too heavy, which made it smaller. 

West Paw jive

The West paw Design jive Ball is another ultra-stiff hair toy that prevents all the misuse of your pitbull, and there’s a bonus: thanks to the ball’s unique design, it’s crazy, unexpected Bounce in ways, which will put your dog in the nuts. 



  • 1. Despite its unusual shape, Geo Ball still fits into a standard tennis ball thrower. 

  • 2. 100 guaran guarantee against damage to the dog by the manufacturer 

  • 3. Made in the United States 

  • 4. Dishwasher safe, making it easy for your dog to keep the ball clean and safe. 

  • 5. Available in three sizes: 2 inches, 2.6 inches, and 3.25 inch according to different sized pits 


West Pa Design, jive Zogoflex Ball was rated the best consumer of any toy in our review, and most owners were pleased with how well it held up. Numerous users even explained that they were on their second or third Zogoflex – but only because their dog had lost others (instead of destroying them). 


Very few dog owners have found that their patch has succeeded in eliminating Zogoflex, but such complaints were rare. Some owners were disappointed that the ball was heavier than they expected, so it may not be ideal for elderly or disabled owners. 

West Benebone Chicken-Flavored Wishbone

Benebone is a great option for flavored fry dogs who are playful about their chewing toys. These nylon-based bones are not only toughest chew toys for Pit-bulls but also taste like real chicken. 



  • 1. For the serious process of chewing dogs to tame bone. Allows up to one end 

  • 2. The level of the groove increases the amount of contact with your dog’s teeth and tongue with toys 

  • 3. As your dog chews, nylon is depleted, which helps keep teeth clean. 

  • 4. Made in the United States 

Owners love Benebone’s durability and almost all dogs enjoy the taste and texture. In addition, the unique ergonomic shape of the bone makes it easy for most dogs to lie down and chew for hours. Even many electric chewing toys could not destroy a toy after a certain time. 


Like other chewing toys, some dogs could break large pieces, and some did not like the taste or texture. However, such complaints were rare. 


He finished our list of recommended toughest chew toys for Pit-bulls.  


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