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Does the Texam Provide A Dog Subscription Box For 2 Dogs? 

While we cannot make multi-sized boxes, we can find an option exactly for your pack! Many of our domestic dog dogs receive the Texam box for each pet! Feel free to discuss your options or ask additional questions! We will be happy to discuss your pack options.  


Our boxes are divided into three types of sizes. 


  • Small: For puppies that weigh 20 pounds or less 

  • Medium: For puppies that weigh 20 to 50 pound 

  • Large: For puppies over 50 pounds 


If your puppy is on a border of these sizes, we recommend increasing the size. We can always make adjustments in each shipment. 

You can also resize you’re the Texam box with these steps. 


1. Log in to your account at the texam.com with your account email and password. 

Click ‘Accounts’ in the top right corner of your login page. 

Scroll down halfway, check the ‘Box Preferences’ box. Click the arrow on the right to open the ‘Box Preferences’ section.


Click on the arrow to the right of the ‘Dog Size’ type. Select the appropriate size and click ‘Save.’ 

Take a look at the Texam

If you want a cheap dog subscription box, consider the Texam. One of the most popular membership boxes out there, the Texam, is about all topics. You and your dog will be happy with each month’s delivery. 


From Scooby-Doo to Cinco de Mayo, the boxes are filled with two toys, two treats, and chiffon designed to fit the theme. You will answer some questions about your puppy (weight, age, and allergies) when you sign up. 


There are three subscriptions available: monthly (approximately $ 29.99), three months (approximately $ 69.99), and six months (approximately $139.99). Shipping is free in the adjoining United States, and the Texam also has an online store that sells more toys and surprises. 


If your puppy likes to chew, you may want to choose a super chew box full of potentially destructive toys. You can cancel a month-to-month plan at any time, but other plans cannot be canceled. 


If you are unhappy for any reason, the Texam offers a 100% money refund guarantee, which puts pressure on your dog to treat.





Tell us all about your dog so that we can select the best products adapted to its profile.

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6 months, 3 months or 1 month, you choose! You can suspend your subscription at any time: it's without obligation!

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You will receive your box between the 15th and 25th of each month. Let's go for hours of games, good humour and good food!

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