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Why My Puppy Is Lazy?

The puppies are very active, but sometimes they become lazy; they sit in one place, and they seem like they were ill. If you cannot take care of the diet and activity of your puppy, then your puppy becomes lazy. Because not proper diet and activity are the causes of laziness of puppy. Now I’m talking about the causes of the laziness of a puppy. 

It’s Not Getting the Right Diet

It might be why the puppy feels exhausted because there is an issue with the puppy’s diet. The diet plays a very important role in a puppy’s healthy life. When you change the diet of puppy and give them some new diet, then the new diet doesn’t suit the puppy because the puppy has like and addict to the old one’s diet then the new diet became lazy, and the puppy becomes bored they feel that they become ill and this also dangerous for the health of the puppy. 


Not Enough Exercise & Activity 

 Exercise and activity play’s an important role in the life of all creatures. Not enough exercise and activity are the cause of laziness of puppy, at least one-hour of exercise and activity are very useful.  


When the puppy didn’t do any exercise, and the owner didn’t go outside for a walk, the puppy becomes lazy, and the bad effect of not doing exercise may affect the health of the puppy. 

Hot Weather

 When the weather becomes too hot, the puppy doesn’t bear the sheer hotness then they become lazy. In this case, we need to keep them in cold and shaded areas. In hot weather, it is very important to take a bath puppy one’s time in a day. 


The illness is also the case of laziness of the puppy. When the puppy becomes ill, they do not feel good. In this case, they became so lazy. The illness is due to a bad diet and suddenly changed the weather; in this case, we need to take him to the doctor and take professional advice.  

It’s Bored 

Bored is the cause of the laziness of the puppy. The puppy becomes bored because they have no activity; they take no interest in her life as other active dogs take. We need to do something excited to decreased boredom in puppy life, such as go outside for a walk or to play. 

It Has Depression 

The cause of the laziness of the puppy is to get depression. The puppy got depressed when he faces something bad like lose his friend or any other reason. Sometimes when the puppy gets depressed, they cannot take an interest in any activity. The depressed puppy likes to sleep long sit in one place. And sometimes, they barked without any reason. 

It Is Naturally Calm

The cause of laziness could be that it is naturally calm. The natural calm is not the basic reason for laziness. If the puppy is naturally calm, it behaves peacefully, never bites without any reason. If the puppy is naturally calm, be very grateful that it is calm instead of harmful and imperious.                   

Things To Consider 

 Now, I’m going to discuss and share some especially useful things in which you consider why your puppy is lazy. After this, you know about the cause, and then you able to take proper action. 

If your Puppy Has Always Been Lazy 

This point helps to recognize that If the puppy has always been lazy or not. Suppose the puppy has always been lazy, then the face something such as dullness and doesn’t gain the right diet.

On the other hand, if the puppy suddenly became lazy, it faces some things such as depression, sudden change in its diet, illness, or heat. These points help you to recognize that what the problem with the puppy. Whereas the puppy has always been lazy or suddenly became lazy. 




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  • When Your Puppy Becomes Less Lazy 

    The timing play’s an important role in recognizing when a puppy becomes lazy. If the puppy becomes lazy at a certain time, this would be very helpful to you to recognize that what you are doing at this time. At this time, you feed the puppy, or you got outside the puppy for a walk. 

    How To Get Your Puppy To Be Less Lazy  

    Now I’m going to tell you that what you can do when your dog being lazy. Down from I will indicate that what you can do about it. 

    Make Sure Its Diet Is Right. 

    The issue with the diet of the puppy will be the reason for the cause. You will be sure that the puppy fed perfectly. 

    Please Take It to a Vet 

    If the puppy becomes suddenly lazy and if the puppy appears other signs of illness like fever flue, you want to take the puppy to the vet and take professional advice from a vet. 

Keep It Cool 

Hot weather also being the reason for the cause. When the weather is hot and your puppy doesn’t want beer hotness, you take the puppy in shaded areas, take a bath one time a day, and don’t take the puppy outside the walk-in afternoon. 


Give It Toys to Play With 

The dogs are very intelligent; they scan and read our expressions. You give many toys to the puppy-like balls, small piece of wooden and puzzle for dogs. When the puppy was playing with these toys, her mind became healthy and fresh. 


Give It Exercise 

Exercise is the most important thing in life. Like dogs, you make sure that your puppy takes much exercise according to his diet, age, and breed. If he doesn’t take exercise, you will know that no exercise in puppy life is the reason for laziness. 


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